Text Q & A w/ Julie Ann Earls

Meet Julie Ann Earls of Head Over Heels


Paramus, New Jersey! 

Never heard of it. What did you want to be when you grow up?

An actor and a singer. Yup.

12 yr old Julie Ann's #1 Boy Band?


But did you see Joey Fatone in RENT?


Ha! I did. And he even "bye bye bye'd" a little in La Vie Boheme! 


Guilty pleasure TV show? 

In the summer, if I happen to be watching TV and the Bachelorette is on...

Naked dating apparently is a new reality show (or so I hear); what's more of a real nightmare for you... The typical "I'm on stage and don't know my lines"?  Or... The more standard "I'm in front of the classroom and I'm naked"?  Or, or.... "I'm at home on a Friday night watching Naked Dating the reality show"?


I think the "I'm on stage and I don't know my lines".

I did a #serials a couple of months ago where I legitimately totally blanked on my lines. I have NEVER done that before. I am very much a perfectionist and that feeling of ahwhatthefuckdoisay terror is something I don't want to feel ever again. It was a good lesson.

Whitney or Mariah?


You're stranded on a dark highway, in one of the States that apparently lie between NYC and LA, in the middle of the night, with no cell phone... Who in the cast do you want with you?


Most embarrassing poster hanging on 12 yr old Julie Ann's walls?

I don't know about 12 year old Julie Ann, she truthfully did not have many posters, but 14 year old Julie Ann was obsessed with Teddy Geiger and had a poster of him on her wall.


Teddy Geiger? One hit wonder "For You I Will (Confidence)"?

Generational gap warning: I have never heard that name in my life and am about to google it.

It's not a generational gap so much as he is actually a nobody.

I typed in "Teddy" and he didn't even make the top 5 suggestions. You get points for liking a nobody.


The girl that loved *NSync and Teddy Nobody... 12 yr old Julie Ann from Paramus, New Jersey... who wanted to grow up one day and be an actress and a singer... If she could be there and see you perform on Monday nights at 10PM, what would be going through her head watching you make magic happen?

Lmao, "she's not a movie star?" Is that depressing?


No, but I think she'd think I was cool and would want to know me.

Of course she would. You are her, and living her dream, in NYC, and you still remember her.