Jesse Patch returns to L.A. Lights Fire

Jesse Patch, original cast of L.A. Lights Fire, makes his Ali like return to the ring, Monday October 26th, 10PM at 13th Street Rep for a special 1 night performance.

Monday, October 26th, 10PM, 13th Street Rep, Jesse Patch returns to the track of characters he originated in 2011 for L.A. Lights Fire, making his first stage appearance in over 4 years. In a text conversation that only the chill would understand, Jesse Patch and Keola Simpson negotiate his return:

KS: Yo! What's the word? You in for a performance? Also, got any Xanax?

JP: Which performance? End of the month?

KS: Yep

JP: I'm in!

KS: Dope

JP: Send me a script?

KS: Find me Xanax?

JP: Rehearsal?

KS: No time

JP: Me neither

KS: How bout an hour of rehearsal the day of the show?

JP: Word

KS: You got a headshot? Or something resembling one?

JP: Just this. (sends an old pic of himself holding an even older headshot of himself from the 90's) 4 years old but gets the job done, right? 

KS: Perfect


And just like that, a deal is made, the old school way. See you all on Monday at 10PM!